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Working as consultant psychiatrist & sexologist in Patna Bihar (India), been with best of psychiatric hospitals in India ,seen psychiatric symptoms or psychiatric illnesses like depression ,anxiety disorders, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), phobias, sexual disorders & schizophrenia across vast diversity of clients. Anyone can develop psychological problems. Best of class can also have psychiatric problems. Let it be top businessmen or best of officers or good working people or famous celebrities; no profession or socio- economic group is immune to development of psychological problems. Psychiatric problems are also seen among children, adolescents, adults, old people, women as well as men. The problem is with knowledge, acceptance & proper & timely treatment.

Stress , minor & major psychological problems are becoming more & more prevalent & are nourishing on our improper styles & ways of living, poor coping skills , stigmatization of psychological illnesses, old social rituals, superstitions , misconceptions, illiteracy & most importantly the ignorance.

Research has shown that because of increasing psychological problems, medical illnesses, psychosomatic illnesses are also increasing day by day . In general,the overall quality of life is going down & down because of our society's careless attitude towards mental illnesses & psychological problems(Mental Health).

While most of the Indians in rural areas & even urban areas have big misconception about psychiatric illnesses, that people with a mental illness never get better. But, the fact is that treatments for psychological illnesses are more numerous and more sophisticated than before. As well, researchers continue to discover new treatments. Because of these advances, many people do recover from psychiatric illness, and others are able to keep the condition under control. For instance, a person who experiences depression triggered by a family loss can recover fully if the depression is treated. Taking psychiatric treatment is no more stigma. Many celebrities from Bollywood & Hollywood ,who are diagnosed with psychiatric illness or facing drug addictions have come forward & accepted openly about necessity of taking regular psychiatric treatment & counselling/therapy.

Today's psychiatric treatments are better able to target the specific parts of the brain where treatment is needed. While some conditions, such as schizophrenia, might wax and wane in severity throughout a person's adult life, symptoms can be kept under control with proper treatment.

The treatment goal of a full recovery is not impossible. That goal involves more than just drugs; it also includes being socially and physically active because recovery means getting people back to leading normal lives.

Sexual problems are also seen in increasing amount, especially in younger population of Patna & Bihar. Stress & psychological problems are underlying causes of most of sexual problems. Fear & incomplete knowledge of science increases sexual problems & distress. Sexologists can help you improve sexual dysfunctions.

New generation , we, the today's people can change the picture by opening up the hidden feelings & problems more effectively & thus helping ourselves & our near & dear ones! We can reduce depression & suicides in Indian society by taking timely help. you just need to visit any good psychiatrist or psychological counsellor near you. In some instances you can improve best with psychotherapy or counselling. Some people, who find themselves indecisive or not motivated enough, might need mentoring for best life skills practice or just good “life coaching” ( if you don’t have any psychiatric illness).Visiting a good psychiatrist is normal; not a weakness, not a shameful thing.

Lets make better & healthy Bihar !